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"And that's why, please persuade her on your own. We don't want your help."

"Is that so... don't regret it later."

Aramiya turned away and took his leave.

The student council president, Yaotani Airi made a bitter face, biting away at her nails.

"President, are you OK?"

Vice president, Sekiguchi Hana, looked at the president with worried eyes through her glasses.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry, Hana."

Returning a gentle gaze at Sekiguchi, she said so.

"... Should I go tease them a little?"

The secretary, Harima Asuka, asked Yaotani while glaring at the direction where Aramiya went.

"No need. I have said this countless times before, but violence is bad, Asuka."

"I'm sorry."

"We must achieve our goals while maintaining elegance. That's why girls cannot raise trouble."

"... I will make sure not to get exposed, though."

"Don't raise smoke without fire."

Yaotani gave a small sigh, and lightly hit the secretary in her cheek with her folding fan.

"... I got it."

"It's good if you understand."

While turning into a smile,

"It's all right. Ayame will definitely come under me."

She said so in a tone full of confidence.